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About DESS

DESS is the leader in LED and Fiber Optic lighting products in Malaysia. The company design, develops, manufactures and distributes LEDs and Fiber Optic lighting products that shatter the status quo and help our partners gain and maintain a competitive edge.   Leading the industry trend with being the “firsts,” DESS uniquely positioned to deliver lighting advancements in technology, design and performance that well into the future by maintaining an unwavering focus on Reliable, Greener and Brighter LED and Fiber Optic lighting products, and play our part to contribute in caring our environment for offering, and educating our consumers the benefits of saving energy.

Our Focus

With over 30 years of experience in the lighting industry, DESS realised the important of greening our environment that forces the revolution development of LED and Fiber Optic Products. From 2010, DESS focus on developing LED and Fiber Optic products that is :


Upon purchase and thereafter. Saving your electrical bills and also envision a low carbon environment.


A lot of times that LED may not be as energy saving as it seems. We carefully design our lighting products that meets the most stringent energy saving requirements that really does the purpose.


The micro-electronic parts of LEDs are very sensitive to fluctuation of electricity and easily shorten the life span of the lights, we make sure that all the most detail parts are well taking care of so to achieve the maximum life span of each lighting products from us.