DESS LED Light Principle: Recycling

We avoid waste wherever possible. Our lamps only contain a minimum amount of environmentally damaging substances and we do not use unnecessary packaging materials. We continuously work on improving our products to make them as recyclable as possible. When developing new products, we reduce the amount of harmful substances or, if possible, completely replace them with harmless substances. Recycling principles Fluorescent lamps and discharge lamps contain small amounts of mercury and valuable raw materials such as rare earths. LED lamps and luminaires also contain valuable raw materials as well as electronic components. That is why these products should not be thrown out with the garbage or other glass, but have to be collected separately and recycled or be disposed of safely in accordance with the WEEE directive. Recycling: Recycling principles Statutory regulations EU Directive 2002/96/EC WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) sets the framework for the collection and recycling of old lamps in Europe. Recycling: Statutory regulations Practical matters Lamps are ideal for recycling as more than 90% of a lamp's components can be reused. Recycling: Practical matters